Illicit Espresso

What’s up with our Illicit Espresso?

Contraband is proud of it for a few reasons.

We’re proud that our neighborhood on Larkin St. has loved it for over seven years.

What makes us most proud, though, is that the Illicit reflects who we are: a Bay Area operation where the whole is greater than the sum of our diverse individual parts.  We’re sure you’ll know where our Espresso is from because it stands strong on its own and stands up to anything you throw at it!

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Whether you order a little Macchiato or a sweet, complex Iced Seperator you’ll know of the spro! And if you’re one of those customers who’s been drinking straight shots for years you’ll have noticed that- like Contraband, the Bay, and the neighborhood- some things have changed over time, but ever since we found this unique flavor we’ve been sure to keep it around! 

Here’s the run down on the Illicit Espresso blend: 

Flavor Profile: mesquite, dark chocolate, caramel sweetness 

Current Origins: Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil 

Altitudes: ranging from 800 meters to 2100 meters 

Processing: Washed and Natural mix 

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