A San Francisco Winter

A barista easily notices the sudden onset of an S.F. winter.

It begins with the holidays as The City empties out. Then, as people return from their holiday journeys, something changes. As the weather becomes a touch colder, maybe a little rainy, coworkers meetings last longer than expected, friends drink tea longer into the night. Within a few weeks of the new year winter can seem busier than the summer.

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Along with that busy feeling come familiar faces and an interesting observation. The neighbors return from their hometowns with stories of feet of snow and stinging wind – eyes wide open as they carry on about it – yet everyone takes note when the mornings are crisp or the rain lasts longer than a couple of days. We have an interesting definition of winter in our town that seems to ebb and flow with our various acclamations.

It seems the season isn’t much about the weather in SF, rather, it’s about the way we’re a little more relaxed and spend a little more time together. It’s about drinking coffee with a friend in a damp park, next to a tree that decided to lose its leaves in January instead of November, and how excited we are to wear our winter coats because its below sixty degrees.

The holidays are over and the rhythms of The City are slowly building again. Until they pick back up, your barista will be celebrating their special perspective on the quirky reality of winter in San Francisco.

Here’s hoping you celebrate too.


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